It will run with whatever combination of Quantum, Glass and Prism you throw at 
it. If you run it with -Dheadless=true, FXUnit will run with the headless 
configuration of Monocle (not the VNC configuration, but you could just as well 
use that instead).

On Jan 30, 2014, at 8:09 PM, Tom Eugelink <> wrote:

> Am I to understand that this is using the VNC server? Because I'm not seeing 
> the tell-tale -D parameters in the Or is this actually running 
> on-screen?
> Tom
> On 2014-1-30 18:40, Daniel Blaukopf wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I put up on a draft of what 
>> our unit tests might look like if we were to run them on top of the real 
>> Quantum Toolkit instead of StubToolkit. The main problem is how to solve the 
>> threading: tests that use StubToolkit are all accessing the toolkit and 
>> scene graph on the main thread, which you can’t do in Quantum.
>> A webrev is here: 
>> It’s not complete. I rewrote some tests to correct the threading, but many 
>> other problems remain, like that tests call methods on StubToolkit that are 
>> not part of the Toolkit interface. For a start I’d like feedback on how we 
>> get around the threading problems in JUnit.
>> Thanks,
>> Daniel

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