We have finished our stabilization, and are generating the 8u20-b03 (milestone M2) build.

Since "Lambda Day" has now become "Lambda Month" (see Steve's earlier e-mail), there is no reason to leave the repo frozen, so the 8u20 dev repo is now open for normal business for post-M2 changes.

No additional approvals are needed to push. Back to the usual review rules.

-- Kevin

Kevin Rushforth wrote:
As a reminder: We are approaching the M2 freeze as described in #5 below. All approved (see #4) changesets for the M2 milestone build should be pushed by 11:00 PM Pacific time on Sunday, Feb 23.

-- Kevin

Kevin Rushforth wrote:
Hi OpenJFX committers,

After this coming Monday's FX build, which will go into 8u20-b02, we will start ramping down for our M2 milestone build (aka 8u20-b03). This particular milestone is important for the embedded platform. As a result, you will need to observe the following rules for any commit.

1) Sunday, Feb 16 at 11:00 pm Pacific time: All planned changes for b02 should be in (our test build is scheduled to start at 11pm that day). The usual rules apply for changesets pushed prior to that time.

2) All changesets that are pushed after 11:00 pm Pacific time on Sunday, Feb 16 will need additional scrutiny to go in. In addition to your normal reviewer you must get a "+1" from one of the following, even if you would normally do a post-commit review:

  Daniel Blaukopf
  Steve Northover
  Kevin Rushforth
  Lisa Selle

3) Monday, Feb 17: We will do our usual "(In)Sanity Testing" and then hand off the bits to release engineering for 8u20-b02.

4) Week of Feb 17 - 14: Bug fixes can go in subject to the extra approval noted above, but please hold off making any risky changes until after M2.

5) Sunday, Feb 23 at 11:00 pm Pacific time: We will do a soft freeze, during which time we will be locked except for critical issues discovered during testing, for b03 (milestone M2).

6) Monday, Feb 24: We will do our usual "(In)Sanity Testing", with extra emphasis on testing anything that changed after b02, and then hand off the bits to release engineering for 8u20-b03.

7) I will send a subsequent announcement as to when the repo is "open for normal business".

Thank you.

-- Kevin

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