Thank you Rob,

It would be interesting to test against a DirectWrite app. I’m not sure if you 
have VS, but if you do it should be simple to modify  the Simple Text tab in 
the DirectWrite Hello World Sample to use the same font and text:

I have attached your screenshot to for now so it doesn’t get lost.


On Mar 7, 2014, at 1:41 AM, Robert Fisher <> wrote:

> Hi Felipe, Hi Phil,
> Thanks for the tips. Phil, your program yielded the following output:
> Text-specific antialiasing enable key : LCD HRGB antialiasing text mode
> Text-specific LCD contrast key : 120
> I tried all of the 5 settings that Felix mentioned. Here are my results for 
> the default font (Segoe UI 9pt, black):
> The difference in quality between the JavaFX images and the rest is too great 
> to be chalked up to personal preferences. Whether it's the fault of JavaFX, 
> or the native rendering mechanism being used, or my own configuration is 
> another question. 
> Cheers,
> Rob

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