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I'm sorry if this is redundant, but does this mean there is no way to find out the size (length & height) of a String as it will appear on the screen?

What about the size of a String as it will be printed?

No it does not mean that.
The way to do this is to get the bounds of a Text node containing the string.



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On 4/3/14 6:13 PM, Jeff Martin wrote:
> Is there a way to turn off FractionalMetrics in Canvas.fillText() or Text?

No. At least not via any supported API.
> Also, does text rendering perform kerning, and if so, can I disable that?

> What I really need is to know the x position (or advance) of each character in a rendered string.

It would need new API. And characters != glyphs. Counting char advances
has been doomed for decades ...


> jeff

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