With my OpenJFX hat on:
ControlsFX-related issues are best discussed on the controlsfx-dev mailing list, which can be accessed (and signed up to) here:

Scene Builder is open source - you can access it by cloning the OpenJFX rt repo, and you'll find the Scene Builder source code in apps/scenebuilder.

With my ControlsFX hat on:
Regarding getting ControlsFX to play nicer with Scene Builder - that is really a matter for the ControlsFX project to resolve. ControlsFX needs to follow the requirements of Scene Builder and FXML, and I'm not 100% clear on what the definitive list of requirements is, but I know some of the requirements include having a public no-args constructor, and using @NamedArg on constructor parameters to define the parameter name. I have been hoping someone from the community would step up to make ControlsFX more FXML and Scene Builder compliant. If you're interested please ping me off-list.

Relatedly, I recently asked if the Scene Builder team if someone could take a quick look at ControlsFX to cast their expert eyes over the API and let me know what is and isn't going to work well for them.


-- Jonathan

On 8/06/2014 8:24 p.m., Christian wrote:
I was trying to import controlsfx-5.0.6 and controlsfx-5.0.6_20 into scenebuilder.
However only some or few controls could be imported.
When using these controls strange effects happen.
I was looking into the user guide in order to determine the requirements that have to be met by the components in the jar file. However there was just a simple guideline about how to import and not how to develop custom components so that they match the scenebuilder. I further turned the logging level of the scenbuilder to finest and hoped to see at least some stacktraces that might give me a hint. But I only saw stacktraces when using the imported components (mainly belonging to missing resources because of classpath problems) nothing from the import/jarfile-scan itself. I was hoping that I can adjust the controlsfx classes so that they work fine with the scenebuilder.
Any hints are more then welcome!

It seems that scenebuilder is closed source, or is the some source out there I could start with?
Is there an early access release for 8u20?


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