While porting OpenJFX to devices with an electronic paper display, I resolved three issues in the graphics module that I thought I should pass along. The following merge request on GitLab lists the issues and my minor changes. See the Commits and Changes tabs in the middle of the page for details.

WIP: Patches to OpenJFX

Did I understand the code correctly? I would appreciate any feedback.

As a brief summary, the first issue, "QuantumRenderer modifies buffer in use by JavaFX Application Thread," may be of general interest because it occurs on the Monocle Headless and VNC platforms.

The second issue, "zForce touchscreen input device fails when closed and immediately reopened," might affect only my platform, or maybe just the older Linux kernel and device driver I'm forced to use, but I couldn't find a good workaround without duplicating the entire LinuxInputDevice class.

The third issue, "Get two bytes for the Linux input event type, not four," doesn't seem to cause any problems, but may still be worth fixing.

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