Hi Florian,

By way of update, after thinking about this for a week (and getting some offline feedback), I no longer propose doing this -- at least not for the short-mid term. I've retargeted this RFE to tbd_major and lowered the priority to P4.

Having said that, we don't have any plans to modify SceneBuilder, but will happily accept contributions.

-- Kevin

Florian Brunner wrote:
OK, this still comes a bit as a surprise as the source code has been kept in 
the repo and was not just provided as a ZIP file.

I'm currently working on a tool based on the SceneBuilder Kit. I needed to work 
on the code a bit and was planning to donate the code back to OpenJFX once 
released, as I was under the impression OpenJFX would serve as the master / 
upstream-repo for all SceneBuilder forks. I was also under the impression that 
OpenJFX at least would make sure the code works with any new JDK / JavaFX 
version and hoped it would get support for new controls, if any were added to 


Am Freitag, 2. März 2018, 09:12:15 CET schrieb Kevin Rushforth:
I filed the following JBS isuse to remova the SceneBuilder sources from the OpenJFX repo.


As mentioned in the Description of that issue, the OpenJFX repo contains the source code for a no-longer-maintained version of the SceneBuilder tool. Active development on SceneBuilder in the OpenJFX repo was stopped over three years ago. Since that time, the only changes have been either jigsaw-related changes to keep it buildable and runnable, or global changes that happened to touch some of the files in apps/scenebuilder.

A fork of SceneBuilder is maintained by Gluon, so anyone wanting to get the latest SceneBuilder should go there.

Before I proceed, I wanted to poll the list to see whether anyone has a concern with this. I don't plan to take any action for at least a week.

-- Kevin

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