Hi Nir,


Regarding “com.sun.javafx.webkit.drt.DumpRenderTree”, you can comment out the 
below code in “main” method from DumpRenderTree.java file.


    if ( isDebug() ) {


            FileHandler handler = new FileHandler("drt.log", true);

            handler.setFormatter(new Formatter() {


                public String format(LogRecord record) {

                    return formatMessage(record) + "\n";








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Subject: RE: JDK-8195974: Replace use of java.util.logging in javafx with 
System logger


Hi Nir,


1)      Regarding “verbose” flag usage:  

·         Currently verbose flag is used to show log Levels 
(FINER/FINE/INFO/WARNING) in WCMediaPlayer & WCMediaPlayerImpl.  I feel it is 
not desirable to remove this flag as all these logs will start appearing now by 

·         We can try 2 options: 

a)       1st Option: We can change all INFO log messages to FINE  under verbose 
flag (by leaving all log messages that use Level other than INFO unchanged) and 
verbose flag can be removed.

b)      If 1st option results in too much noise for WARNING log messages, then 
we can keep the verbose flag and introduce a System Property (for ex: 
javafx.web.verbose) to enable the flag. I won’t suggest reading level value 
from log/config file.


2)      Regarding  “com.sun.javafx.webkit.drt.DumpRenderTree”,  I need to check 
few more things (since we use “addHandler” in drt) and will get back to you.


Please let me know, if you have any queries for 1.



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Subject: JDK-8195974: Replace use of java.util.logging in javafx with System 


Hi Murali,


Can you have a look at https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8195974 please?


There are some usages of j.u.l in the web module I'd like your opinion on. I'm 
not familiar with the intent of these pieces of code and would like to know 
what the options are for advancing with this issue on that front.




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