Just curious what attribute caused the first request to fail.

Is it related to kCGLPFAAccelerated or XXXSize?

87             kCGLPFAAccelerated,
88             kCGLPFAColorSize, 32,
89             kCGLPFAAlphaSize, 8,
90             kCGLPFADepthSize, depth,
91         kCGLPFAAllowOfflineRenderers, // lets OpenGL know this context is 
offline renderer aware
92             (CGLPixelFormatAttribute)0

On 12/3/19 7:11 am, thevenet.f...@free.fr wrote:

When running a JavaFX application in macOS guest VM, the main stage is 
completely blank, with the following errors: CGLChoosePixelFormat error: 10002, 
CGLCreateContext error: 10002
This behavior was observed with a macOS 10.15 guest OS on both VMWare player 
and VirtualBox, on a Windows 10 host.

This is an old issue that has already been reported several times (notably as 
JDK-8154852) but is claimed to have been fixed by JDK-8154148.
However the fix provided by JDK-8154148 is incomplete; while it does fix a JVM 
crash, it doesn't prevent an incorrect pixel format to be retrieved, which is 
the root cause for the stage being empty.

The problematic code is located at #96 in GlassView3D.m:

095: CGLError err = CGLChoosePixelFormat(attributes, &pix, &npix);
096: if ((err == kCGLNoError) && (npix == 0))
097: {
098:   const CGLPixelFormatAttribute attributes2[] =
099:   {
100:     kCGLPFAAllowOfflineRenderers,
101:     (CGLPixelFormatAttribute)0
102:   };
103:   err = CGLChoosePixelFormat(attributes2, &pix, &npix);
104: }

In a comment in JDK-8154148, the following claim is made: "[...] an error happens is 
when something bad or invalid has occurred. An unsatisfied pixel format request is indicated 
by npix is 0 and pix is NULL. Hence I feel it is a cleaner and clearer logic to request a 
different format when npix is 0 and err is kCGLNoError." 

 From what I could observe, this is not necessarily true; in this case where a 
pixel format satisfying the initial conditions could not be found, the return 
code is kCGLBadPixelFormat (10002); which means we don't try to get a pixel 
format with less restrictive condition.
This suggests that a better condition for the second call to CGLChoosePixelFormat (line #103) should be 
"if (pix == NULL)" instead of "if ((err == kCGLNoError) && (npix == 0))"
This is further supported by a sample in Apple developer's documentation on how 
to choose a pixel format: 

I have verified that this change produces the expected behavior and I propose 
to submit a PR with this change (I have already signed the OCA)

A quick question before I do, however; should I file a new issue prior to 
submitting a PR or is it better that someone with privileges reopens 


Frederic Thevenet

Best regards, Sergey.

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