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>> that's the point - they are examples of how-to use it and see our tasks :)
>> Will address your other comments in a minute - and add two real tests (on 
>> skin/behavior memory leaks with the
>> misbehaving classes removed: then we'll have both the passing classes and 
>> informal ignores on what's going wrong.
> added SkinMemoryLeakTest/BehaviorMemoryLeakTest as (more or less ;) outlined 
> in the bug report: in the parameter list
> we start with all controls/classes and then remove the failing explicitly. 
> Future fixes of the leaking classes will
> have to remove the fixed from the excluded.   Hmm ..  now probably should 
> remove the xxTestExamples (there existence
> doesn't seem to have been clear enough anyway ;)

Yes. It is better to remove this xxTestExamples file.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jfx/pull/223

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