Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
LMDB 0.9.22
ITS#8612 - Fix build on Solaris (bb8502f08800a44a6b91a94d6478aa7101c4cc77)
ITS#8760 - Fix regression introduced in 0.9.19 (4d5e2d2a2ac38b9d56b6ba73187c325024718167)


OpenLDAP 2.4.46
3d5a7545b950afa81b45e2a7d82593d7de2beff1 (No its, fixes minor build issue)
ITS#8778 - Fix telephoneNumberNormalize (57253688b381375ae8b5a1ffce7a2d2d369bb743) ITS#8782 - Fix memleak in cancel operations (f82ca15a1862749e13a989599d7f4c52c7648957)
ITS#8484 - Fix MozNSS initialization (1863245f49f69ea282f42bf4ab417329ef0b3655)
ITS#8796 - Fix SSF being reset across SASL binds (52f7daab0101648d1713cbc7764a6c209d103cb4) ITS#8791 - Fix OpenSSL 1.1.1 BIO_method compatibility (e5ee07785e9d820ec8db08187aa39697584ca1b7, f09ffffcbd5a0e2c345ef2563d3d4d64bd049550f09ffffcbd5a0e2c345ef2563d3d4d64bd049550, 650b4822ce2916ae16e4bfae18bd6af97451c2f4) ITS#8100 - Fix delta-syncrepl with empty accesslog (ca7f697e14087234e44c96fb7edd81cfb14183dc) ITS#8607 - Fix checkpoints so they aren't recorded in the accesslog (0eb577632f291db3e4f89cf4b496822b9766f7cc) ITS#8800 - Fix syncreplication for MMR so master does not skip its own changes when REFRESHing from an old db (4d1077ffa4ff336ab7b01d1908dd018fc34a301e)
ITS#8801 - Fix CSN queue processing (0c1ebd178cafd8add90e6561ff798a2df4e6db67)

Yes to all the above.



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