On Tue, 08 Aug 2017 04:23:27 +0900,
Ryan Tandy wrote:
> > +   rc = sd_notifyf( 1,
> > +           "READY=1\n"
> > +           "STATUS=slapd: ready to serve connections...\n"
> > +           "MAINPID=%lu",
> > +           (unsigned long) getpid() );

> I see you've placed this call later than the parent's exit point. Any 
> comments about the timing of this relative to the parent's exit, and to the 
> listener startup and so on? Are the listeners more likely to be ready to 
> serve connections at this point? I seem to recall that in the past there was 
> opposition to moving the parent's exit later, but I can't remember why. (and 
> I still wish we could do that, and dispense with the ldapsearch-loop hacks...)

I've revised the patch for master to check if the listener initialization
suceeds or not. With this patch, `slapd -d0` can return non-zero exit code
if the listener initialization fails, thus systemd can detect slapd.service
startup failure.

* https://github.com/osstech-jp/openldap/pull/4
* https://patch-diff.githubusercontent.com/raw/osstech-jp/openldap/pull/4.patch

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