you can force OpenOCD to use a specific DAP AP. This avoids the autodetection 
that only searches for  AHB.
Add "-ap-num number" in the config file to the line "target configure ...", 
where number is the DAP AP number of your APB (not reported in your attachment, 
but probably it is AP# 0).
You can find further info here
or search for "CFG_AP_NUM" in OpenOCD source code.


** [tickets:#194] Accessing CORTEX-M0+ via APB**

**Status:** new
**Milestone:** 0.9.0
**Created:** Fri Jul 13, 2018 05:25 AM UTC by SANDEEP BABU
**Last Updated:** Fri Jul 13, 2018 05:25 AM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

 (7.7 kB; image/png)


We are using custom SoC design where the CORTEX M0+ cores are connected to the 
DAPLITE via APB2AHB Bridge. We are able to access ROM tables via APB but we are 
unable to access M0+ via APB as the JTAG debuggers (we have an Olimex 
ARM-USB-OCD-H) by default search for M0+ in AHB bus only. Kindly, advise any 
technique or methods to connect to M0+ core via APB in the setup mentioned. The 
JTAG architecture diagram is attached.

Sandeep Babu
Ignitarium Technologies Pvt Ltd.


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