I've been using openOCD for a little over a week now and I'm quite
impressed.  I've decided to write a series of memory tests for it
using the TCL interface. I've never used TCL before and I do not have
much experience with openOCD yet so I'm sure my implementation is less
than perfect. I've attached the memory tests to this email.  I'm
hoping others will find them useful and give me additional suggestions
or help in cleaning up the TCL code!  One thing I do not like is I had
to set a local variable in each test for the BUSSIZE as the global
variable TCL option did not seem to work for me.

Again the attached file is untested and written by a novice (me).
I will post any fixes or changes I make in the future.

The memory tests are a port (algorithms 100% copied) from the
following site and are public domain:

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