osaf/services/saf/amf/amfnd/di.cc |  2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

Roaming SC feature is enabled, in scenario of re-allocation of new SC, after 
new active
amfd process headless synced info, amfd starts sending 2N active assignment to 
amfnd (in newly active SC) could not send su_si response message of 2N Active 
because amfnd has not received set_led which is a signal to start sending su_si 
This problem does not happen if only headless is enabled, because the 
is initially set as FALSE. Within roaming SC feature, @amfd_sync_required 
remains TRUE
until receiving set_led from amfnd. But set_led is sent to amfnd only if amfd 
receives su_si
response. The eventual result is the cb->init_state always as AVD_CFG_DONE, 
since amfd will
not be able to receive su_si active assignment response of 2N Opensaf SU.

Patch allows susi assignment response to be sent to amfd so that the 
cb->init_state can be
moved to AVD_INIT_DONE.

diff --git a/osaf/services/saf/amf/amfnd/di.cc 
--- a/osaf/services/saf/amf/amfnd/di.cc
+++ b/osaf/services/saf/amf/amfnd/di.cc
@@ -871,7 +871,7 @@ uint32_t avnd_di_susi_resp_send(AVND_CB 
-        if (cb->is_avd_down == true || cb->amfd_sync_required == true) {
+        if (cb->is_avd_down == true || (cb->amfd_sync_required == true && 
su->is_ncs == false)) {
                // We are in headless, buffer this msg
                msg.info.avd->msg_info.n2d_su_si_assign.msg_id = 0;
                if (avnd_diq_rec_add(cb, &msg) == nullptr) {

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