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> On 1 Dec. 2016, at 4:24 pm, Nagendra Kumar <nagendr...@oracle.com> wrote:
> Hi Minh,
>       But fixing small thing is complicating the code. You can just try to 
> stop CLM track again in Quisced->Standby transition and even if it fails you 
> may try few times as it is Standby and it is not doing much job accept that 
> it is receiving some checkpoints. If that fails, it is ok to reboot the 
> Standby node. I am sure this is very rare case and the added code may not be 
> getting chance to get executed.

I’m not sure if reboot the standby node is acceptable. It might be standby for 
AMF, but active for other SGs.

> Also, it is important to investigate why CLM is giving try-again.
> Thanks
> -Nagu


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