Hi Nagu,

The *reboot* seems more than enough, because amfd actually can finalize 
handle after a few retries and re-init again.
As your view, we can accept clm to return TRYAGAIN/TIMEOUT from stopping 
track during switchover but it's supposed to succeed as amfd has become 
Otherwise, we can just add a log error (not call exit()) and investigate 
why clm returns TRYAGAIN/TIMEOUT when switchover is done.
How's about that?


On 01/12/16 20:19, Nagendra Kumar wrote:
> Hi Gary,
>> I’m not sure if reboot the standby node is acceptable. It might be standby 
>> for AMF, but active for other SGs.
> It is very rare to come upto the point that Standby Amfd has to reboot the 
> node.
> The CLM stop API should succeed in normal situations(When it has become 
> Standby) if it fails during transition(Act to Quiesced).
> I am also saying to retry if it doesn't stop for couple of times.
> I don't find any issue with the approach.
> Thanks
> -Nagu
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>> Hi guys
>>> On 1 Dec. 2016, at 4:24 pm, Nagendra Kumar <nagendr...@oracle.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Minh,
>>>     But fixing small thing is complicating the code. You can just try to
>> stop CLM track again in Quisced->Standby transition and even if it fails you
>> may try few times as it is Standby and it is not doing much job accept that 
>> it is
>> receiving some checkpoints. If that fails, it is ok to reboot the Standby 
>> node.
>> I am sure this is very rare case and the added code may not be getting
>> chance to get executed.
>> I’m not sure if reboot the standby node is acceptable. It might be standby 
>> for
>> AMF, but active for other SGs.
>>> Also, it is important to investigate why CLM is giving try-again.
>>> Thanks
>>> -Nagu
>> Thanks
>> Gary

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