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@@ -806,4 +806,21 @@ To test this feature, a GCC flag is added during compile 
time to simulate,
 SIMULATE_NFS_UNRESPONSE, the case the underlying file system is unresponsive,
 and it only takes effect when the cache size is given to a non-zero value. With
 that, the I/O thread will sleep *16 seconds* every 02 write requests. The flag
-is disabled in default.
\ No newline at end of file
+is disabled in default.
+5. Make facility ID configurable (#3131)
+Streaming log record is packaged in RFC5424 format and they all carry a fixed
+facility ID (16). Therefore, log record receiver i.e. rsyslogd is not able to
+filter log records on their facility id such as which ones are regular logs
+or which ones are security.
+The ticket to have the facility ID configurable so that the receiver can
+differentiate among types of log records based on that number.
+Configure facility id via a new attribute `saLogStreamFacilityId` in class
+`SaLogStreamConfig`. The valid range is [0-23]. The default value is 16 to keep
+the streaming feature backward compatible. Always keep the value of attribute
+`saLogStreamFacilityId` in sync with the standby. If user deletes value of the
+attribute `saLogStreamFacilityId`, it will go back to the default value (16).

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