- **summary**: Controller able to join with invalid node_name --> immtools: 
SC/PL field in nodes.cfg is not used
- **Type**: defect --> discussion
- **Comment**:

Had a discussion with ritu and Tagging this ticket as a discussion topic and 
assigning to immtools.

The issue can be reproduced as below:
Generate imm.xml for 4 nodes with names set to SC-1, SC-2, PL-3 ,PL-4 in the 

SC SC-1 SC-1
SC SC-2 SC-2
PL PL-3 PL-3
PL PL-4 PL-4

Now, start the first node with node_name set to PL-4. OpenSAF comes up fine.

Since the nodes.cfg is exposed to the end user, I guess Ritu is questioning the 
need for the first column in nodes.cfg i.e. 'differentiation based on 'SC' 
versus 'PL'.

This could be discussed further.


** [tickets:#2052] immtools: SC/PL field in nodes.cfg is not used**

**Status:** unassigned
**Milestone:** 4.7.2
**Created:** Tue Sep 20, 2016 09:41 AM UTC by Ritu Raj
**Last Updated:** Tue Sep 20, 2016 09:41 AM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

# Environment details
OS : Suse 64bit
Changeset : 7997 ( 5.1.FC)

# Summary
Controller able to join with invalid node_name

# Steps followed & Observed behaviour
1. Mistakenly configured controller node_name with PL-3 and the remaining 
configuration files are properly installed and updated apart from 
2. Bringup OpenSAF, OpneSAF still able to comeup with misconfigured node_name

Opensaf status:
fos1:/opt/goahead/tetware/opensaffire/suites/avsv/api/suites # 
/etc/init.d/opensafd status
#  Expected
OpenSAF should come up with only SC-1 / SC-2, as immxml generated with :
 ./immxml-clustersize -s 2 -p 2


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