I'm not playing a lot with nodes.cfg, but as I know, the first column tells if 
a node is a system controller or a payload. Base on the first column, immxml 
tools knows which template will be used.
The second column is AMF node name.
The third column is CLM node name.

AMF and CLM node don't need to be the same.
If you set that a system controller node name is PL-3 then a node with node 
name PL-3 is a system controller.
Node names don't need to start with SC or PL. It can be any name.


** [tickets:#2052] immtools: SC/PL field in nodes.cfg is not used**

**Status:** unassigned
**Milestone:** 4.7.2
**Created:** Tue Sep 20, 2016 09:41 AM UTC by Ritu Raj
**Last Updated:** Tue Sep 20, 2016 12:20 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

# Environment details
OS : Suse 64bit
Changeset : 7997 ( 5.1.FC)

# Summary
Controller able to join with invalid node_name

# Steps followed & Observed behaviour
1. Mistakenly configured controller node_name with PL-3 and the remaining 
configuration files are properly installed and updated apart from 
2. Bringup OpenSAF, OpneSAF still able to comeup with misconfigured node_name

Opensaf status:
fos1:/opt/goahead/tetware/opensaffire/suites/avsv/api/suites # 
/etc/init.d/opensafd status
#  Expected
OpenSAF should come up with only SC-1 / SC-2, as immxml generated with :
 ./immxml-clustersize -s 2 -p 2


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