Thanks for the response Anders.

We are using opensaf 4.5.
Is this feature not available in 4.5?


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Which version of OpenSAF are you using? A simple split-brain detection and 
recovery mechanism was added as part of the "spare SC" feature in OpenSAF 5.0.


Anders Widell

On 12/01/2016 09:49 AM, Nivrutti Kale wrote:

Hi All,

In my opensaf cluster there are 2 controllers and 8 payloads (10 VMs) on two 
physical servers. 1 Controller and 4 payload resides on one physical server 

There is a connectivity loss between 2 physical servers which results into 2 
different opensaf cluster with 2 Active controllers.

After some time connectivity is restored between 2 physical servers. Still 
there are 2 opensaf clusters with 2 Active Controllers.

Is there any parameter in opensaf which will auto-recover the state of the 
opensaf cluster to normal. i.e 1 Active Controller and 1 Standby controller 
with 8 payloads in single opensaf cluster.


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