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Heads up: after discussion within core devs, the Groups and Offline IM
addons I did for D2 are going to be donated to core opensim. This means
that core opensim will have support for these out of the box without
having to install any further components (i.e. apache). They work both
for standalones and grids

Good news.. it will be good to eventually have the "key" services in core... user profiles too one day hopefully to make configuration much easier.

For those using Flotsam or Simian Groups, they're all mutually exclusive
-- the config decides which one to use.

Does that mean that any groups already existing on a grid and used in plot and in-world object definitions will not be shared with the new mechanism Diva?

If so, for those using existing groups, and hence have many items in world that have group UUIDs and so on... it would be good if there was some instructions on how to migrate content to the new groups mechanism. Can it be done by manually extracting from the flotsam groups entering data base records for example?

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