Yes, I think this is a perfectly reasonable kind of thing to go in core, as I 
would regard it as basic infrastructure.

It will be a module in core anyway, and the existing external groups solutions (Flotsam and Simian, for example) will continue to work. I would also like to thank Diva for contributing this functionality - a core groups service is something I've wanted to see for a very long time but never had the time to implement.

On 17/02/13 01:54, John Sheridan wrote:
I'm just theorizing here, but I would think that common components required for 
interoperability between grids would
need to go into the core.  Just recently I finished writing my own offline IM 
handler in c# only to realize it didn't
save messages that came in from over the hypergrid.  I've yet to dig in to see 
why, but after pouring over different
examples on how to get profiles working I'm quickly realizing that there is a 
need for a common way for all of these
services to communicate.

Its one thing to have your own proprietary communications formats if you're 
running a closed grid, but in the case where
your components need to talk to other people's  - that seems to be a different 
story.  For example, with my profiles
module I wanted to create a set of data objects (psProfile, psProfilePick, 
psProfileClassifieds, etc.), serialize them
on the sim end, then ship them off to the profiles server and vice versa.  
After seeing how other projects out there
communicate with their server counterparts, it became blatantly apparent that 
my way would work just fine if it were
used on a closed grid but not in a Hypergridded environment where it would need 
to talk to countless other profile
servers that all likely communicate in different ways.  I'm pretty sure the 
same would hold true for offline messaging,
groups, and so on.

On 02/16/2013 07:32 PM, R.Gunther wrote:
Opensim core ?
I hope it's going to be a module, and not in the core of opensim. I have the 
idea there's already to much in core and
not enough in modules.

On 2013-02-16 21:07, Diva Canto wrote:
Heads up: after discussion within core devs, the Groups and Offline IM addons I 
did for D2 are going to be donated to
core opensim. This means that core opensim will have support for these out of 
the box without having to install any
further components (i.e. apache). They work both for standalones and grids. 
Diva Groups has the optional HG service
for supporting groups with foreign users. It also implements notices with 
attachments, something that is missing from
Flotsam groups. It does not implement the voting and accounting features of the 
viewer (patches welcome).

For those using Flotsam or Simian Groups, they're all mutually exclusive -- the 
config decides which one to use.

The code will be added within the next week. If there are any issues or 
questions, let us know.

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