It came to light today that two code changes have somehow gone completely missing from the git history of UserAgentServiceConnector.cs

These were commits afb2e07 (Fri Jan 24 2014, Robert Adams) and cf61cdf (Wed Feb 5 2014, Roger Kirkman/Zadark). These were part of variable region support for home teleports. I reinserted these as commit 2fbb906.

Right now, it looks like these may have disappeared on my bc7fda3 merge (Wed Feb 12 2014). This is quite concerning since I didn't think it was possible for a merge to remove commits from git log history for a specific file. I wasn't doing anything exotic, it was just a normal merge.

I will be investigating further very soon and making sure nothing else was affected by this. But if code seems to have gone missing and the commit can be found in general "git log" but missing from the "git log" of specific files which "git show" shows it should be present then please let me know.

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