Yeah, it's an interesting problem. A quick google doesn't reveal any obvious solutions, though one StackOverflow thread [1] has an interesting approach of wrapping multiple requests in a 'batch' request.

So I don't object to this, but I don't think that we should kid ourselves that we're writing pure REST interfaces. get_asset_exists is effectively an RPC call which POSTs a bunch of UUIDs and gets data back - it is not an HTTP verb operating on a resource.

Also, it would be great if you could add this new call to [2]. I'm very slowly trying to document all the various interfaces, protocols and calls, so that it's possible for other projects to implement them, to get a better overview of interfaces in OpenSimulator, etc.


On 01/04/14 20:49, Oren Hurvitz wrote:
Re: why use POST instead of HEAD: because this lets me check the existence of
many assets at once with a single HTTP request. The main use of the
AssetsExist call is with HGAssetGatherer, which knows the full list of
assets that it wants to send, so it's able to check all of them at once.

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