Thank you fred .. I appreciate your response.  I will have to dig into that
module and take a look at the code.  Confusing though ..   Not sure how
changing that parameter to 0 fixed the issue we were having.  Unless he does
in fact have that many listen keys per script ..  that would be insane but,
I guess not impossible.   The scripts belong to one of my residents so I
will inquire and continue to monitor closely the performance of the sim in

Thanks again,

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The "max_listens_per_script" is the maximum number of listen keys,  which
are used as handles, and is not the number of listens arriving, which are
events.  The C# code that controls this is at line 560 of
WorldCommModule.cs. The number of currently open handles checked when the
server creates a llListen.   The server attempts to detect a re-opening of
the same listener, but if anything changes, such as the channel, it will add
a new listener to the script until it stops making them at the 65th.  I'd
take a close look at the scripts that are failing and make certain they are
properly using llListenRemove(handle).

Fred Beckhusen/Ferd Frederix

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Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2015 14:41:03 -0500
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Subject: Re: [Opensim-users] Script engine issue [listeners]

  I don't believe that the setting is referencing the number of listeners in
a script.. but rather, the number of listen events per script .. i.e.
the number of times a script can execute the listen capture event ...
?based on the scenario it made sense because the scripts would work
perfectly for a random period of time, then a random subset of scripts would
just cease to function. ?I would imagine that is due to the fact that those
scripts had reached their limit ... so if the communications between prims
such as "server / client" prims (via llRegionSay) is very active; it could
conceivably hit the 64 limit.
?I will point out that all of this is hypothesis based on the behavior I've
seen and the reaction to the change I've made in the opensimdefaults.ini

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