>> There is no assembly support for pe64.
> Well, Win64 ABI is fully supported by OpenSSL x86_64 assembler modules. 
> There is no support for GNU assembler under Win64, but masm (rather 
> known as ml64) and nasm are fully supported (though there are 
> requirements for least supported versions, for nasm it's 2.03).
>> So no assembly is available.
> If assembler was to be added to mingw64, I'd rather deploy nasm. It 
> would be easiest.

Just for public reference. It turned to be impossible to deploy 
nasm-generated modules with mingw64 as is. This is because mingw64 
apparently adheres to Win32-like symbol decoration, and as result 
mingw64 object modules are symbol incompatible and can't be linked with 
objects targeting Microsoft C. For example, C function named "foo" would 
be denoted by symbol "_foo" by mingw64, but "foo" - by MSC, 
corresponding dll import would be denoted by "__imp__foo" by mingw64, 
but "__imp_foo" - by MSC. As something had to be done I've chosen to add 
"native" support for mingw64 to x86_64-xlate.pl [as opposite to adapting 
nasm code generator for mingw64]. Case is being dismissed. A.

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