> OK, so where is the foundation charter and who are your lawyers?

Wow, this seems to have taken a turn to the unfriendly.  I apologize if I added 
to that.  Sometimes a smiley doesn't wipe out all bad impressions.

The OpenSSL Software Foundation is incorporated in the the state of Delaware, 
United States, as a non-profit corporation. It does not qualify as a tax-exempt 
charitable organisation under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue 
Code.   You can email i...@opensslfoundation.org with questions.
But do note that openssl open source project itself is not governed by those 
entities, but rather by the collection of individuals known as the development 
team.  You can find more information by clicking on the "policies" and 
"community" tab on the website.  

Hope this helps.
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