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levitte> That being said, it should certainly be easy enough to change the
levitte> appropriate places to make sure headers are available as well, and I
levitte> have zero issues adding a header parameter to the try_decode
levitte> prototype and associated functions.


levitte> One thing I didn't think of earlier is that PEM_bytes_read_bio()
levitte> checks the pem name against a known set, *or* in the private key case,
levitte> that the pem name ends with " PRIVATE KEY" (which "TSS KEY BLOB" does
levitte> not), so some kind of refactoring is needed to accomodate the
levitte> store_file_load() call either way.
levitte> (quite frankly, I'm slowly realising that the STORE_FILE_HANDLER code
levitte> can replace quite a lot of the discovery code in the PEM module, so
levitte> refactoring could be in order either way)

The easiest was actually to rewrite PEM_read_bio_PrivateKey()
entirely, so it solely uses the internal store_file functions I've
I wonder what kind of impact this would have on the community at


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