On Fri, 2016-12-09 at 00:25 +0000, David Woodhouse wrote:
> On Thu, 2016-12-08 at 16:22 -0800, James Bottomley wrote:
> > 
> > I'm guessing you mean this:
> > 
> > https://www.trustedcomputinggroup.org/wp-content/uploads/TSS_Versio
> > n_1.2_Level_1_FINAL.pdf
> > 
> > ?  It still doesn't tell you who the expected parent of the key 
> > would be, which is the problem I'm currently trying to solve.
> Right, in S3.23 ("Portable Data") or thereabouts. And yes, it doesn't
> indicate the parent key. As discussed, the TssBlob structure there is
> fairly pointless which is presumably why the TPM ENGINE didn't use 
> it, and just dumped the actual blob (which I later put into an
> OCTET_STRING  in the PEM files, IIRC).
> I was hoping that the TPM 2.0 spec would fix that, maybe?

Not far enough through it yet to be definitive, but I don't think so
... there's even more parent like seeds in it.


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