Hello everyone,

I'm trying to do my research, and not sure if this should go into the -dev
or -user mailing list...

I have an embedded device which runs an ARM7T armv4t 16-bit thumb platform.

I'm not finding much info other than the compile guide telling me to modify
$cflags and $ldflags.

The IDE for development is typically done in GUI mode - and I have no clue
how I could compile OpenSSL in this manner. I could try just adding all the
files in proper directory format, but I suspect that there may be problems
down the road.

I'm hopeful that I can just link in the library, it seems to have a built
in arm-elf compiler/linker and has its own internal library files as .elf

I noticed that there are linux-armv4 and linux-elf compilation targets in
./Configure, so I'm hopeful that I can go in this direction, but I'm
struggling to find documentation on how to approach it in this manner. On
windows I can build for windows, but the cygwin environment doesn't appear
to include any compile tools which support linux-armv4.

Alternately is it possible to direct-compile with an IDE? I assume it's not
just as simple as adding all the .c files in...

I'm normally a windows guy :)

Thanks in advance!

Sean Graham
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