>> Are we saying that it absolutely will not support ARM7 thumb mode anymore?
> Nobody is saying that.  We're saying that if the address-space is 16bit, 
> openssl will not work.

16-bit in original request refers to instructions' size, not address
space. But it's actually a misnomer, as Thumb, or at least its ARMv7
flavour, is a *mixture* of 16- and 32-bit instructions. Again, 16- and
32-bit *sized* instructions, not address space. OpenSSL fully supports
AVMv7 Thumb, a.k.a. Thumb2, all the way down to assembly pack. If
compiler doesn't generate Thumb2 code by default, then it might be
necessary to pass additional arch-specific flag[s] as additional
argument to ./Configure. This is discussed in commentary around
linux-armv4 config-line in Configurations/10-main.cf in master/1.1.0 or
Configre in 1.0.2.

As for cross compilation, it's discussed in INSTALL, look for

Well, to be completely accurate, everything said above implies that
compiler is gcc. ARM's compiler was never tested, but nobody complained
so far...

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