May I suggest you have a look at the GOST engine?  It does implement
the algorithm entirely in the engine.  The only things added in the
OpenSSL code are the OIDs (not strictly necessary) and the TLS
ciphersuites (I don't think that can be done dynamically at all, at
least yet).

How are the OIDs not necessary?  What about the NIDs?

I've been working on an engine to add support for SIDH, using GOST as a template:

GOST already had NID support in the base openssl. I had to add at least one line to crypto/objects/objects.txt to get my NID:

+# NIDs for SIDH
+1 3 102 100 : SIDH : Supersingular isogeny Diffie–Hellman

Is there some way to add the NID dynamically? If not, how can an algorithm be added? The build system in 1.1.0 at least makes this relatively simple. In 1.0.x it is far more difficult.


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