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changzheng.wei> Hi,
changzheng.wei> I want to implement some new algorithm. To make my future work
changzheng.wei> smoothly, I want to add a new algorithm method like 
changzheng.wei> OpenSSL framework so as to I can use an “engine” to support such
changzheng.wei> algorithm.
changzheng.wei> So I add a new subdir in “crypto” and implement the code and
changzheng.wei> refer to “crypto/rsa”.
changzheng.wei> My question is how to add my new source code into the build 

A note here: if you're implementing a new algo, OpenSSL doesn't need
to know anything at all, everything can be added dynamically from the
engine and be reachable through the EVP API.

The only exception for now is the code in libssl.

May I suggest you have a look at the GOST engine?  It does implement
the algorithm entirely in the engine.  The only things added in the
OpenSSL code are the OIDs (not strictly necessary) and the TLS
ciphersuites (I don't think that can be done dynamically at all, at
least yet).


Richard Levitte
OpenSSL Project
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