Can you further elaborate? 

What we did is to create a TLS connection and with invalid certificates from 
the client and server on verification would reject the certificate. The cipher 
negotiated was ECDHE cipher between client and server.

This was done with load (multiple while 1 script trying to connect to server 
using invalid certificates and in course of time the memory was increasing). 


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On 23/03/17 10:13, Mody, Darshan (Darshan) wrote:
> Matt,
> Even after accounting for the EC_KEY we still observe some leak. The
> leak started after we started using supporting EC with callback
> SSL_set_tmp_ecdh_callback().
> The core dump shows  the string data of the far-end certificates. I
> cannot pin point  the code in openssl with this regard.

Are you able to create a simple reproducer demonstrating the problem
with the callback?


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