Sorry, I meant to say it is for the 1.0.2 branch.

Except in exceptional circumstances, code only ends up in the 1.0.2
branch after having first gotten into the master branch and then the
1.1.0 branch.  The current release policy only allows bug fixes to be
backported to the stable branches, not new features. To me, this code
seems more like a new feature than a bugfix, though I do not claim to
speak authoritatively on the matter.

The preferred mechanism for submitting patches is as github pull
requests (against the master branch, with a note in the pull request
message if the backport is desired).

Thank so much for your comment, Ben.

We are planing to upgrade to the 1.1.0 branch as soon as we can which is not so easy to do at this moment as we need the FIPS capability. Thus, we are still focusing on the 1.0.2 release, and haven't had a chance to work on the 1.1.0 branch.  Thus, I won't be able to submit a PR against the master branch at this moment.

Thus, I was hoping to get a review on the suggested fix for the 1.0.2 to see it is viable by the upstream first.

Would it be possible to get a review on the alias? or filing an issue via github is the right course of action?

Thanks again for your comment.


-- misaki
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