Thank so much for your comment, Ben.

We are planing to upgrade to the 1.1.0 branch as soon as we can which
is not so easy to do at this moment as we need the FIPS capability.
Thus, we are still focusing on the 1.0.2 release, and haven't had a
chance to work on the 1.1.0 branch.  Thus, I won't be able to submit a
PR against the master branch at this moment.

Thus, I was hoping to get a review on the suggested fix for the 1.0.2
to see it is viable by the upstream first.

Would it be possible to get a review on the
alias? or filing an issue via github is the right course of action?

You already got a review, from Viktor.

I totally missed the review from Viktor.  I'll follow up on the thread.
Sorry about that.

   I don't think there's much
reason to file an issue in github without a patch (and if there's a
patch, it should just go straight to a pull request with no separate
issue).  If you want the feature to get upstreamed, the onus is on you
to forward-port the patch to master and adapt it to review comments; I
don't think we've seen sufficient interest to cause a team member to
spontaneously take that work upon themselves.

Understood.  Thanks for your input.
Once we move to the 1.1 release train, we will look into the issue and submit a PR.

Thank you,

-- misaki
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