On Tuesday, 23 January 2018 15:36:26 CET Salz, Rich wrote:
> ➢ this feature sends notifications about _all_ conversations happening.
> For me, I get the actual comments that are posted.  Don’t you?

when I comment in an issue/PR or mark it as followed I'm getting only messages 
from that issue/PR

when I mark project as followed I'm getting messages from all issues and all 
PRs - likely dozens if not hundred messages a day

> On the
> mailing list, you have to explicitly mark/junk conversation threads in your
> mail program.  You would still have to do that here.
> I don’t understand what you see as different?

that marking a conversation as ignored and going to next one is two key 
combinations and less than a second, github ones require me to go to the web 
UI which is slow, and if I have to view the issue because subject is ambiguous 
it takes ten times as long as it does when using email

email clients are designed to handle hundreds to thousands of messages a day, 
Github UI isn't

or to put it other way: github notifications are perfect if you are directly 
involved in the project, they suck if you just want to keep tabs on an active 
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