On 23.01.2018 15:54, Hubert Kario wrote:
> On Tuesday, 23 January 2018 15:36:26 CET Salz, Rich wrote:
>> ➢ this feature sends notifications about _all_ conversations happening.
>> For me, I get the actual comments that are posted.  Don’t you?
> when I comment in an issue/PR or mark it as followed I'm getting only 
> messages 
> from that issue/PR
> when I mark project as followed I'm getting messages from all issues and all 
> PRs - likely dozens if not hundred messages a day

Have you checked Github > Settings > Emails > Email preferences ? 
Maybe yours are set to "Receive all emails"?

My settings are as follows:

       ( )  Receive all emails, except those I unsubscribe from.

       (*) Only receive account related emails, and those I subscribe to.

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