Viktor Dukhovni <> wrote:
    >> On Jan 24, 2018, at 9:27 AM, Michael Richardson <> 
    >>> email clients are designed to handle hundreds to thousands of messages
    >>> a day, Github UI isn't

    > Indeed email is best for informal ad-hoc back and forth threaded
    > discussion, while Github et. al. are for issue tracking.

    > If there's a clear problem that requires tracking and resolution,
    > then the right forum is Github.  If there's a topic to discuss,
    > we have openssl-users.  Most openssl-dev threads were more
    > appropriate for openssl-users.

I'm okay with taking more of the "what is the right answer" questions to
openssl-users if that's the plan.

I truly love github for many many things, but the email interface to issues
and pull requests has been a problem for me with projects like tcpdump.
I personally don't render HTML parts, and read 90% of my email via
emacsclient -nw.

Users reasonably post things. 60% are silly requests which a google search or
a "man foo" would resolve.... but it generates emails to the busiest people
only (the maintainers), skipping the other users on the list who *also* could
answer if they knew there was a well formed question.

Is there a stackexchange/serverfault?

I took to CC: tcpdump-workers when I answered github issues by email,
particularly when there was a question of project goals or policy involved.
I realized that there is a bit of a XSS/spam attack facilitated by doing that
as the magic reply-to address to get stuff posted to the github issue is now
happily archived in the ML!

Does github issue process the emails with useful quoting in them usefully? 
So, I'm skeptical, but I am willing to go with the plan.

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