The attached report talks about CPP being required, but that's not the
intention.  Rather, this is an unnoticed mistake when cherry-picking
from master to 1.1.0.

The fix itself is easy (just add a line saying 'CPP=$(CC) -E'), and
that's not what I'm here to talk about, but rather how we want to act
in cases like this.  Do we make a new release?  Do we create an
official patch?  Do we make a link to the corrective github PR?
My own sense is that we should put up something, and it should be
visible on our download page and in our source archives.

Whatever we decide should become policy.

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The Makefile for 1.1.0h now requires CPP to be set but config doesn't set it.

Typical errors are a number of unknown symbols:
 _sparcv9_rdtick                     ./
bn_mul_mont_int                   ./

The easy solution is to run:
CPP=cpp make

This was tested on Solaris 9 and 11.  It appears that "make clean" also fails 
to remove some of the SPARC assembly object files so it won't rebuild after a 
"make clean;CPP=cpp make"   removing the .o files fixes that problem.

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