Part of the idea was that this would be a means of communication
between application and provider, just like controls are with
libcrypto sub-systems.

The main differences are that we aren't stuck with the limitations of
the control functions, that the interface is uniform (if you look at
the control functions, they have variety, all depending on when they
were crafted and by who), and that you can pass or retrieve several
parameters in one go.  Also, it's extensible (i.e. it's always
possible to add new data types if we feel the need to).


On Tue, 04 Jun 2019 08:12:50 +0200,
Dr Paul Dale wrote:
> A question for the committers and beyond.
> Should the OSSL_PARAM concept be used for more than just the libcrypto ⇿ 
> provider interface?
> The one that springs to mind is a more general form of the various ctrl 
> calls, there are some
> string ctrl calls that attempt to do the same thing in a less structured 
> manner.
> Thoughts?
> Pauli
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