On Thu, 2020-10-08 at 12:00 +0000, Salz, Rich wrote:
> >    Of course the 3.0 release is kind of special because we are
> > defining a
>     completely new API - the providers API - with the intention to
> have it
>     stable for many years to come. Any bugs in the API design for
> providers
>     will have to live with us at least until the 4.0 release and so
> it is
>     reasonable goal to avoid them if at all possible.
> There's two parts to this, bugs within the API, and errors in the API
> definition itself.  You're talking about the latter, which is the
> more important thing.
> Nowhere in this thread, or elsewhere, has there been any mention of
> how to test that the provider API is correct.  We have the existence
> proof of OpenSSL, but that's it. There are beliefs that it works,
> concerns about things missing, but no other running code.  If the
> provider API is paramount, then perhaps additional proof-points are
> needed?
> >    Unfortunately the release requirements as defined in the
> > proposal for
>     OTC vote come fairly naturally from the feature requirements set
> by OMC
> Where can I find those?  If they were posted I missed it.  If it's
> the 3.0 design document [1] then, for example, I would say that the
> deprecation requirements are met because it doesn't mandate "remove
> from the code" style of deprecation.  But maybe there is another list
> of 3.0 requirements that I am missing.  Any help

Yes, we are talking here about the 3.0 design document. And no, there
is no "remove from the code" deprecation kind of. There is no such
thing on this list that we are voting upon either, except for two
things - C code output and passwd -crypt - and both of them are
explicitly mentioned to require OMC vote to drop completely. So this is
misunderstanding. The problem is that the current state of the API does
not deprecate (as in add deprecation warnings and disable in no-
deprecated build) many low level API things that are supposed to be
deprecated. And we list them here in this list as a requirement to be
finished before the 3.0 can be declared feature complete.

> [1] https://www.openssl.org/docs/OpenSSL300Design.html

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