I am also facing the similar problem. I am generating signature
using OpenSSL and passing in to JAVA to verify (running JAVA test
suite). Signature format is in DER encoded PKCS#7 format.

        But JAVA is not able to parse the "SignedData" content in the
PKCS#7 format. It is giving "rejects tag type -96" error while parsing.

        Any comments on this are greatly appreciated.

        If you got any clue........kindly let me know.

Sorry to disappoint you, I've been banging my head on the monitor for
2 days now, going over the code and manual/api docs/examples/google
for so many times, and I'm still having difficulties to get openssl and Java
work together. All my crypto coding experiences are on Java, and this
is the first time trying to get some very basic functionalities in C++,
and it turns out to be much much harder than I thought :(

And notice the key/cert I used in my test code are actually from the
openssl examples.

Anyone who has experience making openssl work with java, please give
a hint. That'll be very much appreciated.


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