Hi -
I just compiled OpenSSL 1.0.1g for Win32 using Visual Studio 2005; my 
application failed to link because of an unresolved external 

In crypto/rand/rand_win.c, function readscreen, this line:
  if (GetVersion() < 0x80000000 && OPENSSL_isservice()>0)

was changed to
  if (check_winnt() && OPENSSL_isservice()>0)

And also in crypto/cryptlib.c, function OPENSSL_showfatal, this line:
    if (GetVersion() < 0x80000000 && OPENSSL_isservice() > 0)

was changed to
    if (check_winnt() && OPENSSL_isservice() > 0)

I can't seem to find where check_winnt() is declared/defined.  So, I 
just changed it back.  This seems to work for me, but I thought I 
should mention it for other users.

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