On 4/9/2014 8:03 PM, Jeremy Farrell wrote:
Googling "check_winnt" suggests openssl/e_os.h.

findstr /sic:"check_winnt" *

Is, IMO, easier and more informative than using Google.  Results in:

apps\apps.c:            if (check_winnt())
crypto\bio\bss_log.c:   if (check_winnt())
crypto\cryptlib.c:    if (check_winnt() && OPENSSL_isservice() > 0)
crypto\rand\rand_win.c:  if (check_winnt() && OPENSSL_isservice()>0)
e_os.h:#  define check_winnt() (1)
e_os.h:#  define check_winnt() (GetVersion() < 0x80000000)

Used four times, has two #defines.

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