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My challenge comes to subjectAltName and its subfield
per RFC 4108.   I guess I am not 'getting' the subjectAltName section of
'man x509v3_config'.
Not all forms of SAN names are supported.  If you look in 
include/openssl/x509v3.h you see the following:
# define GEN_OTHERNAME   0
# define GEN_EMAIL       1
# define GEN_DNS         2
# define GEN_X400        3
# define GEN_DIRNAME     4
# define GEN_EDIPARTY    5
# define GEN_URI         6
# define GEN_IPADD       7
# define GEN_RID         8
I just spent over an hour googling around as well as reading openssl
docs to get a list of distinguished_name fields.  Both in their full
form and abbreviated form.  All I fined are the common ones in

And for the list above for SAN, how are they presented in the
openssl cli/config.  Again, just not finding it.

My search foo is weak.

pointers greatly appreciated.

You can use the mini-ASN.1 compiler with the otherName syntax. This will
create the extension in the appropriate form but you wont get it displayed.

In outline it's like this:

# Use id-on-hardwareModuleName OID with otherName
subjectAltName = otherName:;SEQ:hmodname

Is that suppose to be a semi-colon before SEQ?  Or a typo?

hwType = OID: # Whatever OID you want.
hwSerialNum = FORMAT:HEX,OCT:01020304 # Some hex

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