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> Subject: Re: Why does OpenSSL report google's certificate is "self-signed"?
> RFC6066
>    Note that when a list of URLs for X.509 certificates is used, the
>    ordering of URLs is the same as that used in the TLS Certificate
>    message (see [RFC5246], Section 7.4.2), but opposite to the order in
>    which certificates are encoded in PkiPath.  In either case, the
> self-signed root certificate MAY be omitted from the chain, under the
>    assumption that the server must already possess it in order to
>    validate it.

Thanks! I thought I'd seen something about the question in some standard. 
Having seen this, I see that RFC 8446 (TLSv1.3) has essentially the same 
language: "a certificate that specifies a trust anchor MAY be omitted from the 
chain" (4.4.2). So servers are good either way.

Michael Wojcik

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