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On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 6:40 AM, John Dickinson <> wrote:

> I would like to nominate myself for PTL of Swift.
> I've been involved in OpenStack Swift since it started, and I'd like
> to share a few of the thins in-progress and where I want to see Swift
> go.
> Swift has always been a world-class storage system, proven at scale
> and production-ready from day one. In the past few years Swift has
> been deployed in public and private storage clouds all over the world,
> and it is in use at the largest companies in the world.
> My goal for Swift is that everyone will use Swift, every day, even if
> they don't realize it. And taking a look at where Swift is being used
> today, we're well on our way to that goal. We'll continue to move
> towards Swift being everywhere as Swift grows to solve more real-world
> use cases.
> Right now, there is work being done in Swift that will give deployers
> a very high degree of flexibility in how they can store data. We're
> working on implementing storage policies in Swift. These storage
> policies give deployers the ability to choose:
>     (a) what subset of hardware the data lives on
>     (b) how the data is stored across that hardware
>     (c) how communication with an actual storage volume happens.
> Supporting (a) allows for storage tiers and isolated storage hardware.
> Supporting (b) allows for different replication or non-replication
> schemes. Supporting (c) allows for specific optimizations for
> particular filesystems or storage hardware. Combined, it's even
> feasable to have a Swift cluster take advantage of other storage
> systems as a storage policy (imagine an S3 storage policy).
> As PTL, I want to help coordinate this work and see it to completion.
> Many people from many different companies are working on it, in
> addition to the normal day-to-day activity in Swift.
> I'm excited by the future of Swift, and would be honored to continue
> to serve as Swift PTL.
> --John
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