On 10/07/2013 06:19 AM, Sean Dague wrote:
I'd like to announce my candidacy for the TC.

About me
I've been involved in OpenStack since early 2012. I'm currently the PTL for the OpenStack QA program, and a core reviewer on Tempest, Devstack, Nova, Grenade, and a myriad of smaller pieces of OpenStack infrastructure (including hacking and elastic-recheck). [1][2]

My focus in OpenStack has been about making OpenStack work as a consistent whole, both from a runtime and development perspective. I believe this consistency, and the idea of OpenStack being one project (with many moving parts) is important to the long term health of the community. This has let me to focus on the projects that integrate us, the QA Program, Devstack, and parts of the gate infrastructure, and things like the wsgi log filter on

Beyond OpenStack I've had a long history of contributing to Open Source projects both as part of my day job and on my own time. [3][4]

I've been involved in organizing communities for over a decade, creating and leading our local Linux & Open Source users group back in 2003 and running it ever since. [5]

This view of OpenStack as a single whole is the reason I've focussed on the QA Program, as I feel that our gate infrastructure, and the integration tests that we choose to run there, is an incredibly important lens that ensures OpenStack hangs together as a whole.

This one OpenStack POV has also manifested itself in efforts like the global-requirements testing, one of my top projects this summer, where we now ensure all our projects actually are gating with a shared global list of requirements, so we know they all work together in a consistent way.

I'm excited by the growth of projects applying for incubation, but as the global requirements exercise showed, the more moving parts OpenStack, the more important we prove they integrate well with each other before they are graduated to integrated status. I think it's important that this remains expressed in code, which has always been the currency of OpenStack. Today that implementation lens for integration is devstack/tempest, tomorrow this may be something different, to meet the growing needs of the projects, but I still think it's important that we've got a single lens that brings all of Integrated OpenStack together, and that we can demonstrate it really is.

Integration is important, and ensuring that existing integrated projects remain integrated, and future ones really are integrated before we promote them, is my primary concern.

I'm incredibly excited by OpenStack's growth (in people, code, scope), which I attribute to an incredibly welcoming and constructive community, and the velocity we get out of our preemptive integration system. As a TC member I'd do my best to ensure those conditions remain. I think we've only just begun to see what OpenStack will become, and I'd be honored to be elected to the TC to help in all ways I can with it.


[1] - contribution list to OpenStack -,n,z [2] - review list for OpenStack -,n,z
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